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*2006 Luis had his first experience doing landscape with a Pentax in the North of Argentina. At the same time he was studying to be Art Director of Advertisement and got into photography assignments. Doing theoretical and practical courses and reading photography books like a rare Kodak bible lent from a workmate at the time.

*2007 He worked in a Nightclub shooting celebrity performances. Working and studying he bought his first digital camera (Sony DSC) and didn't stop from there. His eye went for what he  had been taught: Composing, Lighting and Communicating. All that mixed up with an artistic influence watching works of the greatest painters, photographers, Architects, Designers and Film Directors like: Dali, Miro, Monet, Sebastian Salgado, Ansel Adams, Ernst Haas, Stanley Kubrick, Coppola, Oscar Niemeyer, Bauhaus.

*2008-2010 Got his Degree and flew up to London where he worked for a great company called Direct Lighting. He started as a technician of lighting equipment getting the chance to use the highest quality brands like Profoto, Broncolor and Ari. Then He moved to the camera department and start pulling out jobs from there, renting Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Mamiya, phase one and Mac equipment. Also had the privilege to travel around Europe visiting cities like: Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Broadstairs, Jurasic coast, Amsterdam, Prague, Kutna Hora, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Montserrat, Benicassim, Mallorca, Annecy, Grenoble, Paris, Versailles. In the mean time he did an internship for Iris Studio on the west side of London for a few months to get to know how a studio works. He upgraded to a better digital camera and also have always had the freedom to use Direct Lighting studio and equipment, taking out Hasselblad cameras for shooting or a get-away weekends anytime he needed it.

*2011 Came back to Buenos Aires and worked for Sebastian Israelit photographer in his studio. He specializes in Food and Product photography. They worked for companies like Jumbo Supermaket, Unilever and Hellmans. Also helped out Celeste Martearena Godoy in Advertisement photography.

*2012 He flew away again to the Cayman Islands and stayed there for 6 months shooting paradise landscapes. Also he helped out a Wedding photographer a few times to get acknowledge of that industry too.

*2013 He Went to Miami and started working as a freelance doing portraits and food photography to the best rated restaurant in Miami Beach (Otentic). He got the chance to visit cities like New Orleans, New York and hiked through the White Mountains National forest of New Hampshire.

*2014He is Opening a Photographic studio in March based in Miami Beach and selling photographs for decoration through this website.


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Companies and clients

Amerik-a Nightclub Buenos Aires

Citroen dealership Buenos Aires

Unilever Argentina (under Sebastian Israelit studio)

Jumbo Supermarket (under SIS)

Knorr Argentina (Under SIS)

Gancia Argentina (Under SIS)

Vinos y Sabores Magazine Buenos Aires

Fortabat Restaurant Buenos Aires

Sempre Bar Buenos Aires

Santino Pasticceria Buenos Aires

Direct Photographic London

Iris Studios London

Tate Museum London

Ministry of Sound Nightclub London

The Natural Source Miami

Subway (For Flashstock)

Aldi Supermarket (for Flashstock)

Budwaiser (for Flashstock)

Zephyrhills (for Flashstock)

Instagram (for Flashstock)

Carvel ice cream (for Flashstock)

Humana Vitality (for Flashstock)

Miami New Times photographer Miami

Tone LLC Miami

Lina Carrera Real Estate Property Miami

Examiner.com Miami

Discountmugs.com Miami

Velocity REOS Real Estate Miami

Oh Mexico Restaurant Miami Beach

Otentic Restaurant Miami Beach

Locura Marina Restaurant Miami Beach

Summer Shorts Miami

Vishnu Swami spiritual writer Virtue of Surrender book Miami

Stephen Mcgregor music producer Miami

Datingheadshots.com Miami

Albaitu Group Real Estate Miami

Treexchange.com Landscape services Miami

Getyourguide.com Miami

Goflytours.com Miami

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