Exhibition Coming soon

The luzroom project consists of 12 duratrans (durable transparency film) framed in shadowboxes distribuited throughout a completly dark-room. The concept of the project is: ambient your space, as when you get into the dark-room, passing previously through a confined small room to prevent any light coming in to the dark-room, the spectator sees anything but the photos backlit.

The Room is fully black with abstractions and landscapes of the world hung up the walls. There is also a brief description, title and price on the floor painted with fluorecent colors. If the room is big enough the main idea is to have arrows on the floor guiding the spectator through the photos that will have a scent regarding the abstraction or landscape shown.

An arrow-guided walk through a room full of scents, reading and watching. The viewer will not only excercise his/her visual sense but also the sense of smell and will experience the feeling of being in a very relaxed room with dim light coming out from the photos attracting the eye instantaneously.

Duratrans (Durable transparent film)

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