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Creating content with a strong concept through light value. Sticking to these last words we can compose the image to achieve any goal desired. Light is responsible for defining form, creating the illusion of space throughout the elements composing the scene. Understanding how to brake the light depending on the position, shape and texture of any object is essential for a successful image. With light control we can persuade what the observer might think or feel. Giving more or less emphasis to certain parts or even by showing or not showing something, taking in count what the human eye is more attracted to.


Food photography

Menu photography II

For starters I want to have the chance to say the importance of a well-made food photograph and its impact on the potential costumer thinking. My work speaks for itself, however to give you an understanding of who i am and how i see the industry i must tell you a secret: Photography isn't my only passion, i am a foodie lover too and before doing photography assignments i also worked for many years in Hospitality. Yes i was a cook in London, i have been a bartender in The Cayman Islands and i have served costumers in Miami, so i also know about styling, thus working with the chef and picking the right ingredients is priority for the creative process of an image. Being around i heard things like: " No, that food doesn't look tasty, lets go somewhere else" or " it just wasn't the dish i was expecting". Most of people decisions are made visually, therefore to attract more costumers display your best dishes on your windows so they can see them and say: "Oh, that rib-eye looks delicious, I'm getting hungry" or to prevent costumer complain about your plate show it on the menu so they can say: "That is just what i needed it, thanks a lot!". Whether you need update menu images or magazine publishing, table-tents photos, web site design, architectural and environmental shots of the business or portraits of the staff or any marketing strategy you have in mind, i offer all kind of packages on location or in my studio located in Miami South Beach. The way i like to work is with creative concepts and ideas so lets meet up and have a chat!

Interior Design

Offering photos of around the world to hang up in wall houses, offices or lobbies.


You can make stickers, postcards, mouse pads, ceramic tiles, mugs, photo puzzle, coasters, magnets, playing cards, t-shirts and even aprons out of the photo you choose.

Custom picture

Offering light box framing: Hang the special light box photo up on the wall, plug it in and turn the lights off, the result: a room fantastically lit, custom framing: for special measurements and photo-painting! combining a very saturated photo where the blacks are filled up with drawings or Acrylic photos that will look amazing on that empty room.


From professional Head-shots passing by corporate reportage and environmental portraits to annual reports for companies, delivering High quality images corporate level to develop image branding at any scale.

Real Estate

It is proven that an outstanding view of your property will allow you to rent it or sell it faster and to a better price. Working with wide-angle lenses with a fine post-editing software to straighten those curvy lines and paying attention to every detail in the room to make it look habitable for your clients.

The studio

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In Studio:

With several studio flashes and software able to get high quality images through strategic thinking and absolute lighting control. With the using of theater cable to watch the images in a big screen monitor we will be identifying errors and details to be corrected.

Photoshop service

Printing service

Design service

On Location:

The creativity of being in an open space giving out the chance to whatever the terrain and weather allows. Playing with different backgrounds, natural light, contrasts and the diversity of the movement. There is a location for every industry, from beach-style to Financial district or Graffiti atmosphere. Just Ask!


Doing cut-up for e-commerce or set up images for food and beverage business, industrial, stationary, supermarkets, personalized products, wholesale and retailers, Ebay imaging, etc. Working with macro photography to get and enhance details that need to be shown. Applying techniques like bracketing to get everything in focus. Whether you have a personal business or a big company you need to mark out who you are, what you do or what you believe. Image communication is essential for stand this out.

Portraits and Mini-Portraits

A deep connection is essential to get more agreeable expressions that will lead to memorable images for castings, social media, CD covers for musicians or Book covers for writers, Families and couples, Kids and babies. Professional sessions available in studio or on location.


From the first interview with the bride and groom we will determine what kind of style its going to be used and will lay out ideas to make those memorable moments of the ceremony. Romance, Happy people, tender moments and humor are the priorities of every special day.

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A well-equipped studio with different cameras and studio flashes plus numerous accessories to create ad campaigns or marketing strategies. Working with the Art Director and its team to conceptualize the kind of images needed for specific ads, the comps and the creative planning stages. Taste, Ingenuity, sense of composition, mastery of lighting, supervision of sets and costumes and sensitivity with models make Luis Perrone fotography the most suitable professional service in the area. With a degree in Art Director and knowing that advertisement is about creating a strong base. We start out from a concept like "couples that complement each other are the best". Next step is giving birth to ideas from that base. Photography production plays a very important roll to enhance the ideas to communicate.

Offering standard buy out rights, advertising usage and more.

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